Living the Dream

Life. Having a life is a rather interesting experience. I sort of fell in to the whole prospect, getting a fantastic job without any real effort on my part (other than that which I was already expending), finding a great place to live in the first place I looked, and being able to keep in touch with friends. I therefore am unable to really comment on the process of becoming an independent person with a life of my own, but I feel that it is a topic worth discussing. You see, life, as it turns out, is not all that big of a deal. Of course, as the size of the change grows, the difficulty in accepting it grows, and this particular step was no exception. My parents came up, with a trailer full of my stuff, and they were an invaluable support, not only with logistics, but with the stress of gaining a life, as well. That process is well enough behind me now, that I am able to reflect.

Things go pretty much the same way they did before, slightly different routine, but still a routine. I want to mention that doing the same thing for eight hours a day is surprisingly productive, but this post is not about work. That is related, however, because the biggest thing about life that is different from anything that went before is that I am now the only one responsible for my actions. That is to say, if I don’t do something, it will remain undone until I do it.

When I graduated from Cornell, the slate was wiped entirely clean. Every class I skipped, every homework I didn’t do my best on, every test I bombed, suddenly didn’t matter. My diploma was just as diploma-ey as everyone else’s. The relief was tremendous. Naturally, I forgive myself for any negligences, but to have them truly not matter was still-forgive though I might, I did not forget, until this allowed me to. It seems such a wonderful thing will never happen again. Every thing that needs doing will continue to need doing until I do it. All in all, a rather interesting situation.

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