Blog? Wtf?

I have often made fun of the concept of blogging, and the people that do it. I can understand things like technical blogs, where the user manual writes itself as the engineer muses about his features and why he included them, but personal blogs, diaries published on the internet for all, have never made sense. A good example of reinforcement for my misconception was a friend last year who started a diary-like blog, and then, whenever he made a post, told all his friends about it when he saw them next. Yes, he really walked up to them and said ‘I made another post on my blog, you should go read it.’ Almost as inane as telling someone that you left them a voicemail, and then leaving.

The sort of person who blogs, thought I, is the sort that so fears human contact and conversation that they will expose their whole life to the world, hoping that someone will stumble across it and that they will be able to get to know each other without all of the messy process. Then they can have friends without having to try to meet new people.

The change in my idea of ‘why blog’ came when reading someone else’s blog. Why was I reading a blog? Because I had been unable to get in contact with him via phone or e-mail, despite several attempts. I found that I was enjoying hearing about how things were going (albeit less than I would enjoy hearing it from him) by reading about them. The internet is a wonderful thing, allowing me to have a third of a conversation even though the other party is out of touch (the third is the part where I say ‘sup? and he says all the stuff that he wrote in his blog. The other two thirds are me telling him what I’m up to and then the ensuing comparison).

So I’m starting a blog, not for myself, although it can be helpful to keep track of all of the awesome running through my head, but for others, who are afraid to or don’t want to or can’t talk to me, so that they may, if they wish, still satisfy their desire to know what I am up to. If this sounds like a guilt trip laid on anyone who reads this and doesn’t call me, it is, a bit, but to make you feel better, dear reader, I’ll point out that it also sounds a bit like a cry for attention from a lonely, lonely man.

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  1. Perla says:

    Action requires kndeewogl, and now I can act!

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