Managing morale is tricky business.  I can’t just tell people how to feel and expect them to do it, I have to convince them.  Arguing about how to feel is not within the realm of logic, either.  What’s worse is, I care about my people, so when they are hurt, or feel put-upon or disenfranchised, I hurt, as well.  It’s the pits when I have to deliberately do or say things that make them feel bad. (In case my tone is unclear, it so happens that it’s the pits right now.)

Fortunately, I know that my people are intelligent, and will eventually reach the same conclusion about the situation that I did, namely, that the path we are on, though somewhat painful, is the correct one.  It is simply unfortunate that the path to that particular flavor of enlightenment is rocky and pain-ridden.

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  1. Awie says:

    Jill thanks for sianhrg these! Some look like something I would love to try. I love the pics of your son! I bet everyone was cheering him along. I love how determined he looks.

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