When I was a freshman in college, the Texas Hold’em craze swept the nation, and it did not miss our little corner of the world, so when I came home for breaks, I found all of my friends playing. Being a smart, confident fellow, I felt that I could probably pick it up without much trouble (the technique, that is, the rules are trivial). I turned out to be right, and I did okay for the first couple of times I played. Then my dad bought me a book on the game. I, of course, pooh-poohed it as unnecessary, but, having nothing better to do before returning to school, read through it anyway. Inside it, I found nothing that I couldn’t have figured out on my own, and in fact, most of it was stuff that I instinctively felt to be true already. However, it was laid out in a clear and logical manner that instinct just doesn’t have. Having that information presented in that way was extraordinarily helpful, I think especially because the information was already in my head, and I was just reorganizing it. That is all.

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