I am a genius.

My effort finally paid off. There’s a sandwich shop across the street from where I work. They serve a really nice hot club, but it usually takes a while to go from it’s semi-prepared state to ready. This is unfortunate, because at lunch time, there is usually a line, which means that in order to eat this tasty sandwich, I have to stand around in the line, then place the order, then wait for it to be made. Dumb to complain about, sure, it’s the same everywhere, right?

Not anymore! I quite purposefully became a regular, showing up for lunch every day for a week and a half, always ordering the same thing. On Thursday, that effort paid off. I walked in for lunch, and the guy who makes the sandwiches greeted me, and started making my sandwich right away. I waited for the pair of extremely indecisive customers ahead of me, and by the time I had paid for it, my sandwich was ready. All I had to say was “Hi,” “Yeah, a club, please,” and “Here’s my credit card.” It was great.

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    at the bottom of the page, you dont need pmerission to link to any of my pages. Please dont copy text or photos without my written pmerission though. Thanks Paul

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