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Two’s company, Three’s a crowd.

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Four is an adventuring party. I recently joined a D&D 4E game (yeah, as a player. I know, right?) with a party size of six. I thought nothing of it at the time, as I had never had fewer than that number of players in any game I had previously participated in. However, last week two players were missing, so we had a party of four.
Holy Crap.
Everything was better. Discussions took less time (enough less time that some effort could be devoted to discussing in character) and combat was amazing. Being 25% of the group instead of 17% is good, but the feel of it was much more than a one-third improvement. Everything seemed snappier. I am fairly certain that this had nothing to do with the particular people who were absent, and everything to do with the way the game works (4th edition is quite cool, by the by). I will say, however, that in the future, if I run a game, I will absolutely limit it to four reliable players (maybe five, if it’s likely that one will be missing on a given night). It’s just better.