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Jumping off of Buildings

Friday, August 1st, 2008

What did the man who jumped off of the ten story building say as he passed each floor? So far, so good.

Well, not quite. We will finish the game we set out to make this summer, but only barely. Fortunately, it still qualifies (according to the man in the big chair) as a success (at the make two sellable games this summer goal), because it is a set of minigames, so there are really five (four and a half) games done. In either case, it will prove the effectiveness of the Schwartz doctrine, that a studio made up of a small core of permanent people supported by swarms of helpful interns can in fact make games. Also, we’ve got the green light to continue into the fall, based on our progress so far, which means we have kept the interns that wanted to be kept, picked up those who have graduated full time, and are looking to replace the ones that are leaving. This means, once again, we are in need of a graphics progammer (and another general programmer), so, if you are one or know one, speak up.

That is all.