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Culture Shock

Friday, April 4th, 2008

The other big issue I foresee us having this summer is trying to maintain the culture that we have developed so far when all the new people arrive. It will not be able to remain exactly the same, but I would at least like to keep the feel similar. One thing that will have to change will be the amount of structure and organization, as with just two of us, we could pretty much do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. With 10 people, we will need to have a schedule, and, gasp, deadlines. Also, it is likely will be expected to actually accomplish things and get finished programs ready for production.

The part of it that I hope to keep, is the feeling that we are more or less in charge of what we are doing. The idea that, because we’re doing completely new things, we’re using our creativity and it is up to us where the development proceeds. That sense of ownership of our own destinies is extremely valuable. Jay, my boss, expects that this will last roughly until the end of the summer, and then the secret will be out, and people will cotton on to the fact that we’re actually expected to make money. Once that happens, people will want to control it, and that will be the end of that.